In April 2022 we re-launched the Jus Zombie with a lower alcohol. Instead of 7,5% we brought it down to 4,5% and then added Black currants and our Brettanomyces blend, called Seofon.  So now it’s a Brett-Saison. We changed the name from ‘Saison de la Mort’ to ‘Saison Sauvage’. Also with less alcohol we were able to bring down the price to 19:90-kr

Jus Zombie label from 2019
Jus Zombie label from 2019
Jus Zombie hand
Original sketch of the Zombie Fist by Randy Lillegaard Larsen
South Plains Jus Zombi Original Label from 2015
South Plains Jus Zombi Original Label from 2015


  • Purple in Color when young, copper in color when aged
  • 4,5% Alcohol Volume
  • 20 ibu, almost no bitterness
  • Fruity-tart Saison yeast, back currants, earthy red beets and tangy raspberries
  • We added our brettanomyces blend called Seofon to create a ‘Brett-Saison’
  • Serving: Very cold 3-5° C,  served in a snifter glass



In 2015 I created a French-Belgian farmhouse Saison (pronounced say san), fermented on red beets & raspberries. The word Saison in French means ‘season’ as it is a traditional seasonal beer among the farmhouses. The yeast is very special for the Saison, coming originally from the Wallonia region of  Belgium, the flavor is tart, tangy, peppery and has wild micro-flora to create a farmhouse funk. Combine that with the earthy red beets and tangy raspberries and you have a unique-progressive beer. The bright purple color, I thought to call it Zombie Juice, then decided to go French so the name became ‘Jus Zombie’ Season of the Dead.  The logo of the Zombie fist (as the South Plains logo of the raised fist) was created by Randy Lillegaard Larsen, a old friend that is normally sketching elves and fairies for Lego in Denmark.

Each bottle is labeled with the batch # near the expiration date. Like most progressive beers, many people love it, some think it’s strange, and a few hate it.


Finding it

Mostly sold in Systembolaget

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