A celebration of locally produced craft beers.

Hoppapalooza, July 27th 2024
1200-2100 in Malmö Sweden

Hoppapalooza is a craft beer festival celebrating locally produced craft beers in southern Sweden. In 2019 (pre-pandemic) we peaked with 25 local craft brewers, 150 local craft beers available to taste. We had 8000 people over the day, and poured 30 000 beers. We had eight bands with local music including rock, trance, motown, blues & jazz. 2023 will be our eleven year anniversary and at this point, we are planning on having it like every year in Beijers Park.

Bringing Awareness to the Local Craft Beer Market

A short video of Hoppapalooza 2023, post pandemic & a little rain. Still had a diehard group of fans show up. Thank you for the video to the gang at Hattmakarens Bryggeri

All over Sweden, every bar you go in to, they will have beers from all over the world. They will have a Red Lager from Australia, a IPA from New England or a Sour Beer from Texas. But they won’t have many local beers. It’s because the bars & cafes get under a agreement with a large distributor, they build them a expensive tap system, then they have to buy the beers from the distributor. But when you come to Hoppapalooza, you learn about great local beers. You may find out there is a great Red Lager in Tomalilla, or a fantastic IPA in Trelleborg. And there are two breweries doing excellent Sour Beers in Norra Hamnen Malmö.

To get a Red Lager from Australia is a massive carbon footprint,

burning loads of oil. 

We don’t need to destroy the planet to enjoy a beer. 

That’s why at Hoppapalooza we say ‘Drink Local’

 In 2023, it’s all about sustainability

Hoppapalooza 2019 Thank you to Jeff Flint for the video

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Hoppapalooza 2018 Thank you to Fredrik/Sledgehammer Brewing for the video

Hoppapalooza 2014 recap Thank you to Ro-Ki for the video

A promo we did for the 2016 Hoppapalooza, actual footage from 2015

The very first party in 2013 was actually a one year anniversary for South Plains Brewing Company we had in the parking lot at Norra Grängesbergsgatan. This event later turned into Hoppapalooza

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