Kombucha Scoby


Natural  :  Mango-Lime  :  Passion Fruit-Hibiscus



  • Hazy-Pale in Color
  • Alcohol Free
  • Serving: Very cold, 3-5° C,  served in a snifter glass
  • Pro Biotic Super-Food
  • Gluten Free



In 2019 we created a new label called Really Good Karma for the production of Kombucha. The logo, is of three lines of a symmetrical curve. The name is self explanatory. Kombucha is a fermented black tea, very sour, that is good for your skin, hair & digestive system.

Each bottle is labeled with the batch # near the expiration date. Our kombucha have become extremely popular.

SCOBY. Symbiotic Culture OBacteria and Yeast. This is a syntrophic mixed culture, generally associated with kombucha production wherein a ethanol fermentation(by yeast), a anaerobic organic acid fermentation (by bacteria), and a aerobic ethanol oxidation to acetate (by bacteria) all take place concurrently along a oxygen gradient. A gelatinous, cellulose-based bio-film called a pellicle forms at the air-liquid interface and is also sometimes referred to as a SCOBY.

Unpasteurized kombucha is sometimes referred to as a Pro Biotic Super-food because of it’s living bacteria. Kombucha is thought to have originated in Northern China but also has been traditionally consumed in Russia & Eastern Europe for centuries.


Finding it

Sold in grocery stores & lunch cafes: