Event Calendar

So far this is what’s happening in 2024

1. March 15th-16th Malmö Öl & Whiskey Festival

2. Streetfoodfestivalen i Malmö, April 26th & 27th

3. Mat & Ölfestival i Kavlinge, May 3rd & 4th

4. Danske Ølentusiasters ØlfestivalMay 24th & 25th

5. Release of ‘Spirits of the North’  Apple Pie Moonshine, Systembolaget, June 3rd

6.  Hoppapalooza, July 27th, Beijers Park Malmö

7. Release of ‘Spirits of the North’ Gin Systembolaget, August 1st

8. Release of ‘Spirits of the North’  Yule Schnapps, Systembolaget, November 1st

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