Recap of the Hoppapalooza Festival

Well, Hoppalooza was a great success! This was the first time ever I had acted as a promoter for a festival and it was a enormous job! We had a little rain but it was really good we had tents

Here’s a short video on the festival

People bought tickets on, the cost was 250 kr and everyone got a t-shirt & tasting glass, we had about 325 people. Once people were inside all beers were 20 kr, we had a BBQ plate by two local chefs, Matan Levy & Haik Avanesian.


Hoppapalooza T-Shirt

Hoppapalooza T-Shirt

Here’s what the menu of beers looked like, thanks to taplist

And here’s what they were saying on

And for some more photos of the festival on

So I learned alot from my first year and am convinced that we can make it bigger & better next year

Jeffrey Scott Brown, South Plains Brewing Company, October 23rd, 2014

Hoppapalooza almost here!

The biggest event I’ve ever done is happening here at South Plains Brewing Company on Saturday August 9th, 1300-2000. It’s getting a bit crazy…setting up tents, porta-potties, a open kitchen & BBQ, very large electrical cables around the edges of the parking lot….cases of t-shirts & glasses are coming,breweries are dropping off beer and getting ready & registers are coming for sales of alcohol & food, setting up a stage to hear Eftersom Fisk, psychedelic lounge, you can hear their music at


we’ve sold loads of tickets and I will be giving out more to customers. We will also be selling tickets at the door on Saturday……….looking forward to a great party!