Kombucha Scoby
Fresh Ginger

Funkyland – Uptown Funk



  • Hazy-Pale in Color
  • 5% Alcohol Volume
  • No Hops
  • Progressive sour ale fermented on Guava, Ginger & Kombucha
  • Serving: Very cold, 3-5° C,  served in a snifter glass



In 2017 created a new label called Funkyland Fermentationists for the production of Sour Beers. The logo, created by  Nils Sandström, is two not particularly beautiful hipsters dancing. This is our fourth sour beer.

The fresh wort is soured with a house blend of Lactobacillus (very good for the digestive system) until the pH reaches 3,7. Then we do a 100% Brettanomyces fermentation, producing flavors of sour lemon, sour pineapple, leather and farmhouse funk. As the Brett ferments the sugars, it creates a pellicle between the wort oxygen interface. Fermentation is finished on Guava, Ginger & Kombucha* The Kombucha blended with the sour ale crates a complex sour flavor.

Each bottle is labeled with the batch # near the expiration date. Our sour beers have become extremely popular.

SCOBY. Symbiotic Culture OBacteria and Yeast. This is a syntrophic mixed culture, generally associated with kombucha production wherein a ethanol fermentation(by yeast), a anaerobic organic acid fermentation (by bacteria), and a aerobic ethanol oxidation to acetate (by bacteria) all take place concurrently along a oxygen gradient. A gelatinous, cellulose-based bio-film called a pellicle forms at the air-liquid interface and is also sometimes referred to as a SCOBY.

Unpasteurized kombucha is sometimes referred to as a Pro Biotic Super-food because of it’s living bacteria. Kombucha is thought to have originated in Northern China but also has been traditionally consumed in Russia & Eastern Europe for centuries.


Finding it

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