Funkyland – Harry Hophead



  • Amber in Color, hazy when young
  • 4,8% Alcohol Volume
  • 60 IBU; strong bitterness, moderate dry hop scent
  • Brettanomyces grows in a oxygen deprived environment produces flavors of sour lemon & sour pineapple
  • Belgian yeast, House Brettanomyces Blend
  • Serving: Very cold 3-5° C,  served in a snifter glass



In February 2019 we produced the first batch of this beer, in a 2000 liter fermentor. We take a very bitter wort, 60 ibu’s and ferment on Belgian yeast. Then we add our house Brettanomyces culture and finish the fermentation. In the end the beer is dry hopped for a citrus-floral bouquet.

Each bottle is labeled with the batch # near the expiration date. Like most progressive beers, many people love it, some think it’s strange, and a few hate it.


Finding it

Mostly sold in Systembolaget:

Local Cafes