South Plains - Blond Lager
South Plains - Blond Lager
The 2018 Blond Lager label
The 2018 Blond Lager label
South Plains Blond Lager
Our 33 cl Blond Lager


  • Blond in Color
  • 4,9% Alcohol Volume
  • 18 ibu, very mild bitterness
  • Wonderful  flavor of Danish malts, mild scent of Czech/Russian hop Kazbek
  • Serving: very cold, 3 to 5° C,  served in a snifter glass



The Blond Lager  was our first craft lager on the market in 2018. The concept was easy drinking, more for average people, not the beer enthusiasts. The recipe is based on a Bohemian Lager. Many festivals we do and also at cafes & restaurants, people want a lager and don’t like a IPA or anything to extreme.  We have produced 2 batches of this beer, in the size 2500 liter fermentor and each bottle is labeled with the batch # near the expiration date. 


Finding it

Not sold in Systembolaget

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