Batch # 13 is ready for bottling
Jeffrey Scott Brown
One of the first witches Randy Lillegaard Larsen sketched.
In 2013 the Burning Witches Brew was 9,3% and in a 50 cl bottle.
We had originally planned to have a witches tree on the label also.
The Burning Witches Brew label 2019.


  • Black in Color
  • 7,1% Alcohol Volume
  • 70 ibu, strong bitterness
  • Robust flavor from Warrior hops, English malts give flavors of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, dried figs, light dry hop aroma
  • Serving: 6-8° C,  served in a snifter glass



The Burning Witches Brew was our fourth beer and hit the market in 2013. We were the first brewery in Sweden to brew a Black IPA. The style name is a little of a misnomer because how can something be black and pale at the same time. There was so much confusion over the name  Black IPA in the US,  that beer judges created a new category calling it ‘Dark Cascadian Ale’. At the Gothenberg Porter Festival they call it ‘Indian Porter’. Where I live here in Malmö, Sweden, in a area called Kirseberg, there is a hill and on the top of the hill a sign says’ In 1504 on this spot, they burned witches in Malmö’. I thought that was very cool so decided to name my Black IPA after it. The blond woman burning in flames in the logo was created by Illustrator  Randy Lillegaard Larsen, a old friend that is normally sketching elves and fairies for Lego in Denmark. When we first submitted the label to Systembolaget, we thought there was a good chance they could reject it because it is a bit offensive, a blond woman burning. But they really liked it because burning witches is a historical part of Sweden. In seven years we have produced 12 batches of this beer, varied in size of 900, 1200 or 2500 liter fermentor and each bottle is labeled with the batch # near the expiration date. After six years this is still very popular.

I am often approached at festivals by ‘White Witches’ to tell me they drink this beer in their covens. 


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Mostly sold in Systembolaget

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