Progressive Sour Ales







A pellicle is a type of biofilm which appears on the surface of beer

Brettanomyces Pellicle

Lactobacillus Micro-flora

My favorite bug Brettanomyces Claussenii


    Recently sour beers have become extremely popular. Ours are a modern progressive version of the classic Belgian Lambic and Gueuze but using more progressive expression & creativity. For example the classic Belgian Lambic may use peaches or raspberries. In California a sour beer might contain cucumbers & lime or we have one with mango, passion fruit & hibiscus.

    In 2017 created a new label called Funkyland Fermentationists for the production of Sour Beers. The logo, created by  Nils Sändström is two not particularly beautiful hipsters dancing. The process goes something like this.The wort generally contains wheat or rye to give some body, unlike ales, the Brett eats all the dextrose sugars leaving very little body. Usually we use no hops if we sour with Lactobacillus. The fresh wort is soured with a house blend of Lactobacillus (very good for the digestive system) until the pH reaches 3,7. Then we do a 100% Brettanomyces fermentation, producing flavors of sour lemon, sour pineapple, leather and farmhouse funk. As the Brett ferments the sugars, it creates a pellicle between the wort oxygen interface. Fermentation is finished on Swedish fruit or spices or hops