Hoppapalooza…..South Plains & Friends

Hoppapalooza_poster_FINAL-page-001 (2)Been working on this project since January, originally did a brain storming idea with Thomas Fransson from Malmö Brygghus. We were talking about how all the beer festivals are sponsored by the large beer & whiskey companies and the need to have a small local festival, focusing on local products and local brews! So many of the ghost brewers are brewed in some far off land, and the damage to the environment in carbon footprint is enormous. Up in Göteborg is some pubs called Ölstuga…like…the Beer Cabin….and they only sell Swedish beers made in Sweden. I think it’s a wonderful idea! So that’s the focus of Hoppapalooza…DRINK LOCAL! I  went to  Nils Sandström of På Besök to design my logo. Got Eftersom Fisk to play psychedelic lounge music again. Got a OK from the owner, Kwame Moore to have a party for 500 in the parking lot, recruited six other small local breweries to participate. I got two great chefs Matan Levy & Haik Avanesian, to do a BBQ platter and am ordering t-shirts & tasting glasses with the logo.I got approval for the alcohol license ( she said they had never seen a application like this before). Made a deal with Securitas for security guards (at fricken 500 kr/hour)  And I signed a agreement with Ticnet to sell my tickets. Made a deal to rent tables, tents & porta-potties. That’s my update…get ready to party August 9th 1300-2000.