The people behind South Plains

Jeffrey Scott Brown, Master Chef by day, Brewmaster by night. Originally from San Francisco, and came to Sweden in 2003. This is a one man company, I create the beer, brew it, bottle it, deliver it. But I’ve got a fabulous team behind me…here they are… _DSC0605
Anders Walldén, Beer critic and enthusiast, his knowledge on craft beer is amazing. Name any artisan craft beer and chances are he can tell you all about it.Very connected with the Swedish artisan craft beer culture. He has been my right hand man since start up. He writes a blog called Anders and Ale.
My Danish wife Sacha, without her support and encouragement I could never do this. She is also taking care of bookkeeping.  
  Joshua Alvarez, has a graphics design agency called Sven Eighteen has created my very popular labels, logos, posters, t.shirts, business cards. Native of New York.
Thomas Fransson, is now  Head brewer at Malmö Brygghus after training under Benny Sundberg and runs Sverige Bryggradio, Thomas has a vast knowledge of everything for home brewers and professional micro-breweries. Without his passionate support I never could have started.  
  Morten, Jacob & Renee from Amager Brygghus. I ghost brewed my APA there under their supervision. They are incredibly knowledgeable on everything about the micro-brewery business. Also particularly helpful on starting up a micro-brewery on a small budget since they had done that.
Anders Paulsson of Fridhem Gaard 1877, it was his enthusiasm for my beer that persuaded and convinced me to start up South Plains Brewing Company.  
  Alex Wayne Photography, his high definition pictures bring life to my beer.
Randy Lillegaard Larsen, a Danish artist living in Oslo, Randy is a old friend and has created many of my illustrations.  
  Joanna Berlin, ALMI, it was her belief in my concept that helped me to finance South Plains Brewing Company
Benny Sundberg, formerly of Malmö Brygghus and now Brewmaster at Helsingborg Bryggeri, Benny has been a wealth of knowledge for starting a micro-brewery, technical and logistical problems, and knowledge of suppliers and resources.

Kristoffer Gezelius and Alexander Germundsson, of ro-ki ’ro-ki is a collective of masterminds and misfits encouraging the unusual and the daring.
Clapping when no one else is clapping’……they are brilliant with audio & video and are currently working on short videos for South Plains Brewing Company
I’ve had two students, Jens Bergström and Malin Håård both from the Brewery School in Ludvika, Bryggeriteknik at VBU Ludvika