Månad: december 2013

Best Christmas ever

I think this is the best Christmas ever! For 18 months we have been labeling beer bottles by hand, often 6-8 thousand monthly. With our new Seema Z labeling machine we can do 1200 per hour. What did take 10 days will now take 2 hours! See the video ;-) [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzDpEBavPgY[/youtube]

Pushing Hoptimus

Spent the afternoon pushing 900 liters of Hoptimus Delirium through a 100 micron particle filter, called a Beco Integra Cart, made by Eaton. The tank had been in the dry hop stage, where it sits for 10 days with a blend of type t-90 hops. The hops are fine particles and the beer still is …

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What we are doing

Interested in what we are doing, we have the following options: To see who we are, about us, the beers we do, your on the right spot, our website Or to see what we’ve been up to lately, go to Facebook Pictures of whats happening here, go to Instagram Or what’s happening right now, in real …

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